Lipexin - One Bottle

Price: $39.99

LIPEXIN™ is a revolutionary, breakthrough weight loss accelerator that activates the human body’s most powerful and effective weight loss tool, the BRAIN, to drastically reduce appetite and diminish harmful food cravings in men and women as well as producing a significant increase in metabolism, fat burning, energy and focus.

LIPEXIN™ is able to generate unparalleled appetite suppression, craving control and weight loss in part because of NOPE (n-oleoyl phosphatidyl ethanolamine), a groundbreaking, patented and CLINICALLY TESTED nutraceutical developed in Europe which actually works to block the body’s hunger signal from the STOMACH TO THE BRAIN, essentially telling your body it is not hungry. It also controls harmful cravings for sugary, high glycemic, and fat laden foods that wreak havoc on our weight loss goals and lead to layers of harmful body fat.

As proven by clinical studies, NOPE will help you stick to your diet plan, greatly reduce caloric intake, control harmful cravings and lose weight. Combined with the other powerful and proven metabolic boosters, LIPEXIN™, represents a game changing new approach in the battle against obesity.

  • Exclusive Formulation Delivers Intelligent Fat Loss
  • locks the Brain’s Hunger Signal
  • Crushes Appetite & Controls Cravings
  • Increases Metabolism & Burns Fat
  • Smooth Energy & Focus
  • Effective for Men & Women

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